IU 630 Music and entertainment

What will you get out of it?


That depends on your level of participation. A union is only as strong as it’s membership. The IWW is a union of workers, for workers and with your help we can become a powerful catalyst in changing how our industry is structured.


Some of our goals include…


1. Discounts at local union-run recording and rehearsal facilities (Mystery Street Recording, an IWW Shop in Chicago, is offering 5% off all services to members, up to 25% off per band!)

2. Building an international circuit for touring IWW musicians (The IWW is GLOBAL union)

3. Helping performers get pay guarantees (Contracts! Direct Action!)

4. Building a sense of community and solidarity amongst entertainment workers


What about dues?


The dues rate for the IWW is income based and on a sliding scale:


Minimum Dues = $9.00 (US) per month – if you make less than $2,000.00 (US) per month;

Regular Dues  = $18.00 (US) per month – if you make between $2,000.00-$3,500.00 (US) per month;

Maximum Dues = $27.00 (US) per month – if you make more than $3,500.00 (US) per month.

(Sub-minimum dues are available at $5 per month for unemployed workers or those with extreme financial hardships.)


Who can join the campaign?


Any worker in the Entertainment Industry! This includes, but is not limited to:


Road Crew

Recording Engineers

Live Sound Engineers

Music Teachers


Booking Agents



And many more…


How can you help right now?


Spread the word! Send us your thoughts and ideas!


To get involved, to become a member, or for more information please contact: iwwiu630@gmail.com or call 773-857-1090


You can also visit us at our General Headquarters office at 2117 W. Irving Park Rd., Chicago, IL 60618

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