If you wish to engage with IWW in the organization of your workplace, you can get in touch in one of two ways:

  1. Greater Chicago IWW (GCIWW) maintains a web form which you can fill out here.
  2. If you are unsure whether or not you are in our geographic area, you can use the form at our General Headquarters (GHQ) here. GHQ will then forward your inquiry to the appropriate branch.

The Organizing Committee (OC) of Greater Chicago will proceed as follows upon receipt of your organizing request:

  1. An OC Co-Chair will assign a member to contact you for a Lead Follow Up.
  2. The Lead Follow Up gathers additional information about the workplace, and discusses the necessary first steps before becoming a qualified campaign.
  3. When the first steps are completed, an Organizing Mentor (OM) is assigned to the campaign.
  4. The OM will provide guidance on how best to address worker’s grievances through direct and indirect action.
  5. The OC holds weekly meetings and provides regular training sessions. The OC is open to all GCIWW members in good standing. Actual workplace names are kept confidential during discussions.

We believe that direct action gets the goods. Direct action is when workers keep the fight on the shop floor instead of asking an outside body such as the courts to mediate a labor dispute. Our power as workers lies in our ability to withhold our labor to pressure employers to meet our demands. This can include the most famous labor tactic, the strike, as well as less drastic measures such as marching on the boss or refusing unsafe work. Unlike in many other unions, IWW strikes and other actions are organized by the members in the workplace and only end when those same workers see fit.

Introduction To The IWW