Announcing the Anti-Patriarchy Committee of the Chicago GMB

The Chicago Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) General Membership Branch (GMB) is pleased to announce the formation of an Anti-Patriarchy Committee (APC), which has been created in order to build internal and external education around issues of gender and sexual oppression, violence, and discrimination.

The Chicago IWW GMB APC affirms the IWW’s stance against sexism, transphobia, sexual violence, and bigotry. Building a union comprised of all workers necessitates the recognition that capitalism is not the only force that harms the working class and that, as an injury to one is an injury to all, we must fight oppression in all its various and intersecting forms.

We look forward to hosting our first workshop in the coming weeks to better strengthen our branch’s commitment to gender and sexual equality.

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IWW Freshii Phone Zap – Demand Marcos is Rehired after Illegal Firing and Demand Recognition of IWW Freshii Workers Union!



IWW Freshii Phone Zap – Demand Marcos is Rehired after Illegal Firing and
Demand Recognition of IWW Freshii Workers Union!

Facebook event:
(invite all your friends!)
IWW Freshii Workers Page:

For those of you that don’t know, one of our team members was fired this
afternoon for participating in concerted activity. His first day was last
Thursday, Friday morning he participated in the march on the boss to
demand his fellow co-workers unpaid wages and union recognition and this
afternoon he was told he was fired due to “lack of business.” He is really
upset and actually liked working at the restaurant with us.

As a team we have voted to have a phone zap from 10 am to 6 pm tomorrow,
August 5th, in order to get our co-worker, Marcos Patino, his job back.

Sample text would be:

You have illegally fired Marcos Patino for concerted activity. I demand
you give him his job back with full hours by 6 pm and recognize the IWW
Freshii Workers union or there will be consequences.

The store phone number is:
The store fax number is:
The owner’s personal cell phone number is :

Lunch rush is 11:30-1:30. We ask that no calls come in after 6 pm (central
standard time) so that the owner has the opportunity to actually call
Marcos to give him his job back.

We appreciate any and all help with this task as we continue our fight for
recognition as a union.

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Chicago Freshii workers demand unpaid wages and IWW recognition

On Friday August 1st, a group of workers employed at a franchised Freshii
restaurant located at 200 w Randolph in the Chicago loop marched on their
boss to demand unpaid wages, an end to wage theft practices, and union
recognition with the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

The workers walked up to the store owner as he entered the location at
11:00 am to read and deliver their demand letter while wearing IWW pins.

Wage theft has been a consistent problem at this Freshii location, with
some workers owed more than $700 in unpaid wages. Many workers are also
owed unpaid overtime wages.

The demand letter asked for these unpaid wages to be delivered to the
workers in full by Friday August 8th. They have also demanded that their
boss officially recognize the Chicago Branch of the IWW as their official
representative so that they can begin collective bargaining immediately.

Workers ranged from new hires to employees who had worked at the location
for over a year. Previous employees at the location also joined them to
present their demand letter and to fight for their unpaid wages.

The majority of current employees have signed union authorization cards
for the IWW and are prepared to take all action necessary if their demands
are not met by this coming Friday.

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Chicago Educational Workers Industrial Network presents: Granito de Arena- a documentary about the struggle of teachers in Mexico

A documentary about teacher struggles in Mexico that looks so much like what is happening in Chicago.
Presented by Chicago Educational Workers Industrial Network 


Discussion after movie with Anne Carlson parent of CPS kids & 4-6th grade Montessori teacher, and Lisa Angonese parent of CPS kids.

From the website/Desde el sito del web “For over 20 years, global economic forces have been dismantling public education in Mexico, but always in the constant shadow of popular resistance…

Granito de Arena is the story of that resistance – the story of hundreds of thousands of public schoolteachers whose grassroots, non-violent movement took Mexico by surprise,
and who have endured brutal repression in their 25-year struggle for social and economic justice in Mexico’s public schools.”

For more information contact chicago iu 620 @


La Red de Trabajadores de la Educación de Chicago presenta:

Un documental sobre la lucha de los maestros en Mexico que se parece mucho a lo que esta pasando en Chicago 
(Corrugated Films, 62m, 2005)

Despues la pelicula abra una discucion con Anne Carlson madre de unos niños de CPS y una maestra de los grados 4-6, ademas de un padre que será anunciado mas tarde.

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Statement on May Day Arrests

It is the official position of the Chicago branch of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) that the actions of the Chicago Police Department (CPD) and the marshals affiliated with Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) at the May 1st March to Stop Deportations were grossly inappropriate and condemnable. In collusion with the CPD, these marshals singled out and physically restrained two activists, leading to their arrests. While the arrests occurred, the marshals attempted to surround and enclose members of the IWW’s Red and Black Brigade contingent of the march, blocking their freedom of movement. The marshals also directed other participants to move past the enclosed contingent, preventing the other marchers from showing solidarity with the arrestees.

Jose “Zé” Garcia and Anne Meredith Wooton, the activists arrested during the march, have the full support of the Chicago branch of the IWW. Zé was released without charges, and Anne Meredith is facing misdemeanor charges. Zé is an outspoken advocate against ICIRR’s reformist policies, and actively spreads awareness of their tactics against dissenters. They are currently in the midst of fighting their own deportation. These facts, along with witness testimonials, suggest that these arrests may have been politically motivated. ICIRR’s official statement is that it was not their intention for these arrests to occur, while SEIU has not, to our knowledge, commented on the incident.

The actions of the marshals enabled the arrests. It is important that public marches be open to all who wish to participate without fear of state harassment, repression, and persecution. Above all, no one should be singled out for arrest based on their residency status—especially at a march against deportations. Given the historical legacy of May Day, it is crucial that anti-authoritarian and dissenting voices not be silenced by the state or its collaborators. If organizers expect broad participation at marches in the future, they must ensure that marshals do not aid in arrests and that solidarity with anyone who may be arrested is allowed. The IWW will always stand by the principle that an injury to one is an injury to all.

Zé has set up a GoFundMe page where you can read their personal account of the incident and donate to, in their own words, “help me fight my deportation so I can continue my fight against a brutal and illegitimate regime, my fight against the sellouts, my fight against EVERY deportation.”

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Chicago Educational Workers Industrial Network presents: Granito de Arena- a documentary about the struggle of teachers in Mexico

girl testingChicago Educational Workers Industrial Network presents:
Granito de Arena- a documentary about the struggle of teachers in Mexico
that looks so similar to what is happening in Chicago
Corregated Films Jill Freidberg
May 10th 1-4pm
Rudy Lozano Library, Pilsen
1805 S. Loomis
Discussion after movie with Anne Carlson parent of CPS kids & 4-6th grade Montessori teacher, plus one parent TBA.

charter wheel

La Red de Trabajadores de la Educación de Chicago presenta:
Granito de Arena- un documental sobre la lucha de los maestros en Mexico
que se parece mucho a lo que esta pasando en Chicago.
Corregated Films- Jill Freidberg

10 de Mayo 1-4pm
Bilioteca Rudy Lozano, Pilsen
1805 S. Loomis

Después de la pelicula habrá una conversación con Anne Carlson madre de niños de CPS y maestra Montessori de los grados de 4 a 6, y otro padre que será anunciado más tarde.

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Railroad Workers Unite in Chicago

Chicago is known as the place where the nation’s railroads meet. And last weekend, the city also became the meeting spot for about 40 of the country’s most progressive and activism-driven railroad union workers when it hosted the biennial conference of Railroad Workers United (RWU), an independent labor organization founded in 2008 that includes members of the major rail unions, Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and other labor groups. Their gathering dovetailed with the Labor Notes conference, which brings together activist trade unionists from around the world every two years…Read more at In These Times

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Screening of “Who Bombed Judi Bari?” on October 23rd


Join Rising Tide Chicago and the Chicago IWW for a screening of the new documentary Who Bombed Judi Bari? The film will be followed by a discussion of the themes and topics covered in the film, including government/state repression of activist organizations and what can be learned from the struggles of activists who have come before before us.

Screening Details

When: Wednesday, October 23, 2013 at 7:30PM
Where: Multikulti, 1000 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60642

About the film

Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney were falsely arrested for car-bombing themselves on May 24, 1990 while on an Earth First! musical organizing tour for Redwood Summer. They sued the FBI for violations of the First Amendment, claiming the FBI knew they were innocent but arrested them to try to silence them. Having survived the bomb but now stricken by cancer, Judi Bari, a leader of the movement to save California’s old growth redwoods, gives her on-camera, deathbed testimony about the attempt on her life and her colorful organizing history with the Industrial Workers of the World and Earth First!.

Further information

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CPS Destroys la Casita – 10 arrests – Community hunts the Alderman


Parents and neighbors blockade la Casita against cops and a scab demolition crew.

NOTE: Contribute solidarity funds now! Whittier Wepay

This morning, Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, Alderman Daniel Solis and the neoliberal CPS sent a surprise attack against La Casita. Instead of meeting the mothers to negotiate, Ald. Danny “Sleaze” sent cops and bulldozers to meet the community blockade. The blockade turned away a union truck driver but the cops ushered in scab demo crews who proceeded to destroy La Casita community center at Whittier Dual Language Academy at about 10:00 am. FW Vasquez was among 10 arrested defending La Casita from this treacherous assault.

An injury to one is an injury to all.

An injury to one is an injury to all. Photo via Tracy Barrientos



Photo courtesy of FW Geovanis

Wiping tears aside, mothers and the community marched to Juarez High School at Cermak and Ashland in search of Ald. Sleaze. Protestors marched across the turf soccer field, disrupting an Alderman sponsored back to school fair with chants of “Solis, ratero, donde esta’ el dinero” – Solis, thief, where is the cash (referring to over about $300K in funds reserved to restore the building rather than destroy it). Solis was nowhere to be found but the message was shared with at least 100 families who were at the event.

Now solidarity funds are needed for legal support and to continue the campaign.

In 2010 and 2011 wobblies proudly defended the occupations of La Casita. The 43 day occupation in 2010 secured the fate of the center up until this point, which was used as a library, community center, after-school center and more.

Please contribute what you can to support the courageous mothers, neighbors and fellow workers who defended this center.

Whittier Wepay

Also, fyi, here is the scab hall of shame – workers & companies who crossed the picket line today:

Americandemo breaking



Let ‘em know what a ‘great job’ they did today.

so rough and tough, they have the cops go in first.

So rough and tough, they have the cops go in first.


Hauling scab equipment.


Unloading scab equipment


Where these scabs belong.

More info:

Rahm’s role in this.

Whittier News Roundup

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Urgent Alert! Solidarity needed at School Blockade

Forward widely,

Saturday, 7:30am. A blockade is in effect at La Casita community center at Whittier Elementary School, 1900 W 23rd street. More and more cops have been showing up during the last 2 hours. Union workers honored the picket and turned away but demolition trucks just showed up on site.

Please go there if you can!

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